MVCAP Scholarship Winners Luncheon June 2016


MVCAP Last Dollar Scholarship Requirements:

    • Participate in MVCAP college advising program in their school, or at community based workshops.
    • Show documented unmet financial need (via SAR and FAA)
    • Complete the online MVCAP Last Dollar Scholarship Application
    • Provide the following supportive documents:
    • High School Transcript
    • Acceptance Letter from institution you will attend
    • Copy of SAR (Student Aid Report) from FAFSA Filing
    • Copy of FAA (Financial Aid Award) Letter from institution you will attend.
    • Applications due May 4th.

Please complete the online application process. Participants have the ability to preview the applictaion requirements, and to save their work prior to submitting. Please follow the following links:

MVCAP Last Dollar Scholarship– for high school seniors attending Youngstown City Schools or Warren City Schools who have participated in MVCAP programming.

MVCAP 2nd Year LDS Application– for second year college students who received an MVCAP Last Dollar Scholarship in 2017. Recipients of The George L. Madigan Fund or Trumbull County Scholarships in 2017 also qualify.

Additional MVCAP Community Scholarship Opportunities:

The George L. Madigan Fund Scholarship– in partnership with the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley. Awarded each year to graduating seniors who meet the following criteria:

  • Student is ranked in the second 10% of the class at the end of the 1st semester of their senior year.
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Student is a resident of Trumbull County, Ohio.

The Trumbull County Scholarship Fund– The Mahoning Valley College Access Program awards the Trumbull County Scholarship Fund to graduating seniors in Trumbull County, Ohio. Preference is given to those students who have been in foster care at any point in their life, and who demonstrate financial need.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Live in Trumbull County.
  •  Are in foster care, or were in foster care previous to their senior year of high school.
  • Have demonstrated financial need.