In 2001, an advisory committee formed to discuss creating a college access program to serve students and families of the Mahoning Valley. Several participants on that advisory committee went on to form the first official Board of Directors for MVCAP. The organization began serving students in 2002, concentrating its efforts in Warren, and Youngstown City High Schools. Today that tradition continues, with services being provided at Warren G. Harding, East High, and Chaney High School. Since 2002, more than 4000 students across the Valley have received one-on-one college advising, including financial aid counseling and admissions assistance. At least 200 students have also received Last Dollar Scholarships to assist them during their 1st year of post-secondary education.


The mission of MVCAP is to increase the number of Mahoning Valley high school students attending college or post-secondary education.


We are a nonprofit organization that provides college access services to students in the Mahoning Valley.